There’s a good reason for Paris to have so many good italian restaurants & pizzerias,

Italians are the most important population of immigrants in Paris and this, since the Middle-Age where the bankers in Paris were all from Lombardia or Tuscany.

Later two French Queens originated from Italy (Catherine & Marie de Médicis) and one even introduced the fork in France. 


+33 (0)9 72 50 33 68

HANK Pizza Restaurant – 18 Rue des Gravilliers – 75003 Paris

2 thoughts to “Hank Vegan Pizza !

  • Olivier

    What’s the name of this wonderful vegan pizzeria? 🙂

  • Simply France

    Hi Olivier, you’re right the name would not appear in the article ! This is now corrected and we added the address. The name is Hank Vegan Pizza, don’t hesitate to try it !


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