Adulis – Abyssinian coffee shop
Adulis owner of the abyssinian coffee shop in Paris

We recommend !!! The abyssinian coffee in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. Beside, Adulis, owner of the coffee shop. What you’ll find You’ll be able to check coffees from all around the world. Also a restaurant The bar is small and cozy and you’ll find a large dining room in the underground, a huge middle-age cellar. Beautiful […]

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Ober Mamma !!

The Big mamma group in Paris has different types of restaurants in Paris but the kids go mad for all of them !! This time Ober Mamma … About +33 1 58 30 62 78 Ober Mamma – 107 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris

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Hank Vegan Pizza !

There’s a good reason for Paris to have so many good italian restaurants & pizzerias, Italians are the most important population of immigrants in Paris and this, since the Middle-Age where the bankers in Paris were all from Lombardia or Tuscany. Later two French Queens originated from Italy (Catherine & Marie de Médicis) and one even […]

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