About us

Our story started with our passion to let our friends and children discover Paris, take great pics, dive through its great monuments and forgotten neighborhoods, its traces of the past and its modernity. Come and discover our city where two thousand years of history are hidden !  


Agathe 150

Globe-trotter, theater enthusiast, volunteer dedicated to cancer and development in Africa, Agathe studies philosophy and Art history.


Scandinavia and United States specialist , former journalist, Street Art fan, Cédric puts his passion for Paris at the service of our bike tours … a real Pro!


Claudia 150

Archaeologist graduated from Florence University, Claudia is passionate about Paris, and ancient civilizations. Guide and creator of touristic experiences.


KIF 150

Graduated in history & ICT, bike addict, refugee tutor, mapping freak & wine tasting trainer, he accidentally became an engineer. Co-founder.


Jean 150

Graduate in Latin cultures, theater fan and future actor, Jean will make you travel back in time the different ages of the creation of Paris.


LEA 150

Multilingual, passionate about dance and Paris, Léa is the specialist of Parisian parties and novelties. Ask her for all her good spots !


Julien 150 (2)

Engineer, passionate about theater, Japan and ancient civilizations, Julien is a passionate fount of knowledge about Paris. Guide and creator of touristic experiences.


RODO 150-2

Engineer, Coach, wine lover &  networking freak, he’s the man that goes deeply into things, especially the ones he doesn’t understand !  Co-founder


Sterenn 150

French and German civilizations specialist,  volunteering, Sterenn will make you love Paris, its narrow streets, its forgotten squares and its millennial history.


Yohan (2)

Born in Paris and studying History and Economics, this eloquence contest lover will make you enjoy his oratory art around his favorite subject: Paris !

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