BOOKING & PAYMENT:  Booking a Simply France Tours tour implies the full acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Bookings and payments have to be made online in order to secure your bookings. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and UnionPay are accepted. Simply France Tours doesn’t store any of your personal billing or credit card information.

PRIVACYWe are committed to protect your privacy. Personal informations will not be disclosed to third parties.

CANCELLATION:  Simply France Tours reserves the right to cancel any of its tours in case of an Act of God. Full refunds will be given in such instances to anyone who was not able to join their tour. We offer a 100% refund  if a reservation is cancelled more than 24 hours before the scheduled start of the tour. No refunds are given for any reason once within the 24 hrs prior to the scheduled tour. (Occasional bank fees are on the expense of the client) Groups cancellation or rescheduling require 3 days notice (6 or more guests) 

CHILDRENEvery child 9 years or older can join our tour as long as accompanied by an adult. The accompanying adult is responsible to decide whether the child will wear an helmet and takes responsibility for his decision. Please not that helmets are mandatory by law below below 12 years old. The accompanying adult is solely responsible for the safety of the child during the tour.

BIKE:  Every participant needs to make sure he knows how to ride a bicycle prior to joining one of our bike tours. No course or lesson will be provided. In case a participant damages the bike in a way parts of it are broken, disfigured or the bike is made unusable, Simply France Tours reserves the right to claim a fee of up to the price of the damaged bike. (maximum 599€/bike). The minimum size to join our bike tours is 1,50 meters for adults, 1,35m for children. Maximum weight per person is 100 kgs as stated by the bike provider.

WEATHER:  Our tours generally take place independently from the weather conditions. Walking tours will take place even by snow or rain. Bike tours only may be cancelled because of snow falls or constant and heavy rain. (Re-schedule or 100% refund is provided). Please check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. Rain ponchos are available for free on site if necessary.

SECURITY:  This is our Number ONE priority. All our bike tours are accompanied by one or two staff members. Please pay attention to security advices given by the guide prior to the tour. Helmets are not mandatory for persons above 12 years old. Nevertheless we recommend to wear an helmet, especially for the children, and will provide one to everybody wanting to wear one.

CONFLICT:  As Simply France is registered in France, French law will apply in case of conflict.

MISCELLANEOUS:  You are expected to be on site 10 minutes before the scheduled start time in order to set up your bike and get the guide instructions. If you arrive after the scheduled departure time, you take the risk that the group will have left without you. No reimbursement or compensation will be given in such cases. You will be respectful to your guides and the other participants. You will do your best to follow the safety instructions given orally by the guides before the start of the tour. During the tour, please follow all instructions whether they are verbal, hand signals, or the physical example of your Guide for stops, streets crossing and turn directions. You agree to fully respect the rules of the French traffic. You will be solely responsible if you are caught by an authority breaking any rules or laws. You agree that any accident occurring on a tour, which injures or harms you in any way  (including physically, emotionally, or mentally) is not in any way the responsibility of Simply France Tours. Simply France Tours is not to be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings. You are responsible for all of your belongings. For security and responsibility reasons, Simply France Tours guides reserve the right to refuse taking charge of individuals or groups whose state or behaviour is not appropriate for the visit and this prior or during the tour. No reimbursement or compensation will be given in such cases.

INSURANCE:  Simply France Tours customers must have subscribed to a public liability insurance, covering the use of cycles for bike tours. Otherwise, the customer cannot blame Simply France Tours for the absence of this guarantee. The company has taken out public liability insurance for legal reasons. MMA – Insurance policy number N° 000000145635597